the fantasy (water colour)

water colour on paper

660 X 1010


Bad seed

charcoal and scalpel on paper

1010 x 660

Dragging the cunt from the golden zone

oil and acrylic on linen

1010 X 660

Bad seed (in the golden zone)

oil, bitumen, sticks, dirt, piss and shit on paper

1010 X 660

Jimmy the Friend

enamel , acrylic and oil on linen

1300 x 900

The stunting of the growth

oil, bitumen, resin on linen

1300 X 900

Drawing with Jimmy

timber, glass, pencil, liquid paper, ink, acrylic

340 X 140 X 100

jimmy offers me a smoke

acrylic on paper (working drawing)

440 X 570

Who built the wall, was it him or was it me?

oil on linen

900 x 1300

just another day

engraved blackboard

1840 X 1230

the fantasy (bleach)

bleach on denim

1510 X 3100

the fantasy (charcoal)

charcoal on paper

1140 X 2510

the fantasy (water colour small)

water colour on paper

290 X 770