Josh Robbins is a Melbourne based visual artist who creates art in the space between the purely conceptual and the purely visual, a place of ‘conceptual modernism’ if you will. A place where idea’s, material’s and craft each play their roll. Josh has been exhibiting in Australia and abroad since 2009 with shows in Melbourne, Adelaide, Western Australia and London. The first part of Josh’s artistic life drew inspiration from the natural world, creating works of respite. Soft places to sit and ponder in the surrounds of his immersive landscapes. More recent work’s see Josh embracing the conceptual and material nature of things. Ditching a ‘house style’ approach, each new project exists in its own right, rather than being stylistically driven. Allowing for an expanded visual voice and artistic evolution.

Sele cted Sol o Exh ibition s

2023 The restaurant at the end of the world, @14 Langridge
2021 Backwoods Gallery, Signs of the time
2018 Bonjour Mamacita, Latrobe Regional Gallery
2017 Bonjour Mamacita, Flinders Lane Gallery
2015 Roost, Flinders Lane Gallery
2014 Once I was a bird, Flinders Lane Gallery
2013 Ornithillogical, Duke st Gallery, London (through COMODAA Gallery)
2013 A loose nature, Flinders Lane Gallery
2012 What birds is that?, Brunswick St Gallery
2009 Thirteen views of Hokusai, Super space

Selected Gro up Exhibiti ons

2023 Reflections, Yarra Sculpture Gallery
2023 St. Vincents group show
2022 Backwoods 12, Backwoods Gallery
2020 Dimensions,Yarra sculpture Gallery
2020 Art for Aid, Gippsland Art Gallery
2019 Participation award, Bright space gallery
2018 GCVA, Graduate exhibition
2016 Resident, Motor works Gallery
2016 Flight of fancy, Art Images Gallery, Adelaide
2015 Art Images Gallery, Adelaide
2014 Battersea Affordable Art Fair, London
2014 Flinders Lane Portrait Show, Flinders Lane Gallery
2012 Exploration 12, Flinders Lane Gallery
2006 Opening, The Autopsy Gallery

Educ ation

2018 VCA : GCVA Certificate

Col lecti ons

2015 ‘Roost’ Holding Redlich Collection
2015 The estate of Andy Penn

Resi denci es

2014/15 Melbourne Grammar artist in residence

Con tact