Ever since I was a child I loved to draw. And when I went to school I loved to draw things on the blackboard, cartoons and star signs characters. Then when I reached grade four, I started being bullied quite severely by a group of my ‘friends’ because of my love of drawing and art. I was called all sorts of names and for days and sometimes weeks on end they wouldn’t talk to me or ‘allow’ anyone else to talk to me. As a result I stopped making art. This body of work was undertaken at the VCA and is an attempt to reconnect with that fledgling artist and reclaim what was used against me.

bad seed

charcoal and scalpel on paper

1010 X 660

dragging the cunt from the golden zone

oil and acrylic on linen

1010 X 660

bad seed (in the golden zone)

oil, bitumen, sticks, dirt, piss and shit on paper

1010 X 660

jimmy the friend

enamel , acrylic and oil on linen

1300 X 900

the stunting of the growth

oil, bitumen, resin on linen

1300 X 900

drawing with jimmy
timber, glass, pencil, liquid paper, ink, acrylic

340 X 140 X 100

just another day

engraved blackboard

1840 X 1230

jimmy offers me a smoke

acrylic on paper (working drawing)

440 X 570

who built the wall, was it him or was it me?

oil on linen

900 X 1300

the fantasy (bleach)

bleach on denim

1510 X 3100

the fantasy (charcoal)

charcoal on paper

1140 X 2510

the fantasy (water colour)

water colour on paper

660 X 1010

the fantasy (water colour small)

water colour on paper

290 X 770