These works are as much a literary experience as a visual one. As you take in the work, you also start to see and feel how the idea and materiality is interwoven and activated as you experience it. The material use of the packing boxes speak to emotional observations that we often keep packed away in a darkened room within ourselves. Somehow, these works help us to say the things we might think, and think the things we don’t say.

yahweh’s dilemma

enamel on packing box

2020 X 2360

group photo

enamel, oil, paint stick, floor stain, spray paint on linen

1760 X 2200

voice of a generation

enamel and spray paint on packing box

1840 X 2250

toxic bliss

bleach and ink on denim

1600 X 1980

the future

enamel on packing box

1795 X 2685

positive self affirmation

enamel, spray paint and stickers on packing box

1350 X 1910

the gift

enamel, spray paint and acrylic on packing box

1710 X 2580

thinking about god, thinking about colin

enamel on linen

1530 X 2200

it’s a kind of magic

enamel on packing box

1690 X 2525


enamel and spray paint on packing box

1360 X 2070


sand blasted mirror

1500 X 450

future me

enamel on vintage painting

840 X 600

if only

enamel on vintage print

460 X 360

enjoy your stay

enamel on vintage print

460 X 360

optimistic resignation (candle)

wax and wick

250 X 220 X 40

inanimate self awareness

enamel on linen

2000 X 1000

it’s your choice

enamel and electrical tape on packing box

2360 X 2020


enamel on packing box

1700 X 2270

optimistic resignation

metalic thread on fabric


it’s true

wooden light box, LED’s, bitumen, glass, plastic, dirt, nails, screws, syringes, ciggies, booze, spit, prophylactics, army figures, plastic snakes, bugs, piss and shit

480 X 480 X 250

jesus haych

enamel on timber

1080 X 1220


enamel on packing box

1280 X 2290

it is what it is

enamel on wooden bed head

620 X 910

tut tut

enamel on packing box

830 X 3170